Why Buy a Portable Beer Pong Table?

Why Buy Portable Beer Pong Tables?

The simple answer is that buying portable beer pong tables is easy and affordable. It is a multi purpose table not only for beer pong but other occasions.

You have to know that a portable beer pong table is the greatest thing since slice bread.

When you buy a portable beer pong table or make that a few if you are really serious, you are making the decision to have the freedom to play the legendary drinking game of beer pong where ever, when ever!!!!

Buying a portable beer pongĀ  table version is gonna save you time, money, and free up some space if you are limited for dorm room living area.


  • making your own table (you need some handy skills – some of us ain’t got em)
  • Time wasting and warped table game play
  • Bulky Tables – when space is at a premium
  • Forget using the kitchen table, its just going to get destroyed – some beverages are bound to be spilled.
  • slow set up times


  • Convenience of portability
  • more space it folds down to a handy convenient size
  • easy clean laminate tops
  • a kick ass design
  • Take it tailgating – some of our NCAA tailgating tables are made for ping pong also
  • using it for a place to set your food
  • quick set up times

Portable beer pong tables 8ft Beer-Pong-Table-Sexy-PinUp redcup pong

One of our favourite portable beer pong tables, the classic pin up girls 8ft table

So when you have a portable beer pong table it’s all about the convenience of being able to fold it up and store it any place you need to. What can we say portable beer pong tables are Superior in any ones language.

FN easy to clean, Quick to set up, they look totally awesome. These specially made beer pong tables also have a nice smooth liquid resistant playing surface, and made sturdy and durable.

A portable beer pong table is so practical to own. These beer pong tables will fit in your car, on a plane, your dorm room, a hotel room just about anywhere you can imagine. They fold up nice just like a suitcase with its own handle.

So get your own portable beer pong tables now and then concentrate on making that next tournament the best you have ever seen. Worry no more about the game surface, just focus on getting the beer sorted out.


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