Weed Beer Pong Table

Weed Beer Pong Table High Times

High Times – When you love grass it’s time to bring the mower. These cool weed beer pong table designs are sure to get you playing the game of beer pong. There is a few to choose from here don’t forget to check out our preferred partner BJs Beer Pong Tables for a great weed beer pong table also.

weed beer pong table

High Times – You like the green stuff you like this table

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Available in Aluminium starting at $129.14

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The Tomato Plant design, Joking now you like the Weed? Then High Times is the table, a college favourite available from Wayfair.


weed beer pong table

Pot Leaf Smokey Haze Professional Beer Pong Table Sale Price: $129.99


Perhaps not one to show Mom, she may not approve, or maybe she won’t admit it !!! This is a favourite amongst those who can be considered fans of the effects of the high. Weed smokers let your haze not cloud your beer pong vision. Enjoy this totally awesome deisgn!!

weed beer pong table
8ft Greens Eco Beer Pong Table – $115.95

from: Great Sports Inc

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