Victory tailgate

Victory Tailgate for your Beer Pong Table.

Victory tailgate has a great selection of choice beer pong table designs. We are sorry not have brought you these cool designs earlier. Their focus is providing a predesign table that has a top quality graphic.

If you buy a victory tailgate beer pong table you will be getting a great table at a great price. This is not to a commercial grade like you can get from BJs Beer pong but a table ideal for tailgating and portable play.

The tables from Victory Tailgate include:

  • Hardened polymer table tops
  • Sturdy aluminum frames
  • Folds down to a convenient sized 2′ x 2′ briefcase
  • The beer pong table features a simple to clean table top surface.
  • The Beer pong table is to the regulation size standard 8 foot long by 2 foot wide
  • You will find a convenient Fixed Bottle Opener: Each of Victory tailgates tables feature a nice bonus a stainless steel bottle opener that is attached to the table.
  • Beer pong Ball Holder: You need not concern yourself about holding unused beer pong balls. The tabl includes a nice discreet ball rack underneath the the table which allows you to store upto six unused balls.
  • Pong Balls: Add a few balls as bonus you shall get 6 beer pong balls on your order..
  • Ease of Set Up &  ideal for Transportion: The tables are portable to the max and can be folded and unfolded in under one minute. The tables can be folded down in to a nice little suitcase like box. Making it super easy to bring to any of your special game day events.
  • Easy Storing. With a compact box, you can easily store your table safely and conveniently away not to clutter the place.

Victory Tailgate has some truly great designs with the highest quality graphics which really makes these tables a great choice for regular beer pong action. Find a table that suits your needs or if you can not find a table to your liking how about a custom beer pong table for sale?

Looking to buy a victory tailgate table

Find the best priced Victory tailgate Beer Pong Tables Here

Blank tables $99.95

Graphics tables all $119.95 plus shipping.

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