The World Series of Beer Pong – WSOBP 2013

The World Series of Beer Pong WSOBP 2013

WSOBP 2013 is the biggest, most long-running professional organized Beirut (beer pong) tournament on  the planet. This Beer Pong Series has been established by beer pong players and is established for beer pong players.

In Jan 2012 the WSOBP event had over 1,000 participants and this included players from 45 U.S. States with a contingency from  5 different Canadian Provinces. The event offered the largest payout available in the competitions history and was a total of $65,000.

Beer Pong games in this competition are played on 8-foot BPONG Tables, while using the offical WSOBP Rules which govern all of the WSOBP 2013 gameplay. Players are able to buy-in  the competition prior to Dec. 10, 2012, alternatively they can choose to compete to win their way into the competition event by competing in an official Satellite Tournament.


When is the event:

January 1-5, 2013 (Tuesday – Saturday)

Where is the event:

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino,
Las Vegas, NV

Stay tuned for an update on the winners and action of  WSOBP 2013


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