The Book of Beer Pong

The Book of Beer Pong –  The Book about Beer pong

For novices, The Book of beer pong is what some would say Beer Pong 101. For the experts, it is the bible of the greatest beer drinking game on the planet. Either way, it’s the first exhaustively researched, fully illustrated, and a thoroughly awesome guide to the sport of Beer Pong.

Decades of collective experience and hundreds of hours of in-field research don’t lie. The Book of Beer Pong will redefine the way you play—and live—the  world’s greatest sport.

Head to virtually any party with passionate beer pong players and you will discover exactly how serious of a sport this can be . The Book Of Beer Pong is the ideal answer to any beer pong conflicts or disagreements . Are there anytime rollbacks ? Are you able to use defense mechanisms when you haven’t drunk the beer which is in your hand ? Many of these scenarios even more are resolved within this Official Guide to the Sports activity of Champions ! Moreover it provides you with professional tips on how to develop your level of skill to the next level !

Not merely a rule book , The Book of Beer Pong our informative 160-page book will reveal the ins and outs about this intensive sport ! The Book of Beer Pong  contains everything right from fundamental etiquette to expert methods , strategies for smack talk , cutting edge beer pong ball grips and beer pong flight paths , and also strategies for hosting a tournament . This extremely useful tome can certainly make everyone a hero of this burgeoning sports activity . Therefore , drink up and game on !

With The Book of Beer Pong, no more are you going to throw away high quality game-time with ridiculous squabbles ! Right now proceed and get ready for worldwide beer pong dominance !

The Book of Beer Pong measurement is eight  inches long x six inches wide . Paperback . Gold leaf pages . 160 pages .


the book of beer pong


  • The Official Guide to the Sport
    of Champions
  • By Ben Applebaum
    and Dan DiSorbo
  • Product Details
  • Hardcover: 200 pp
  • Gold Foil & Gold Gilding
  • Over 100 Illustrations
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books
  • ISBN 9780811866323
  • ISBN10 0811866327

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