Regulation beer pong table RedCup Pong 8Ft

Regulation beer pong table RedCup Pong 8Ft from RedCup Pong

Regulation beer pong table from Red cup Pong these are 8 ft x 2 ft portable tables

Regulation beer pong table - Red cup Pong


Red Cup Pong also has in it’s repertoire of beer pong tables, the regulation size 8ft tables.

We at has partnered up with Red Cup Pong for a very simple reason. Customer satisfaction, we don’t want unhappy customers and we want to be sure you are going to refer your friends back to us.

Bringing as much of the good sh%t in one place MegaBeerPong is here to ensure you have plenty of choice on one site,  no need to be googling around searching, just let us bring you the best. We aim to cover everyone’s tastes and have compiled on this site some truly fantastic tables with super designs to impress even the most critical of friends.

These Regulation beer pong table are built to withstand some nasty spills so be confident that even those occasions when things get a little messy, the next day all can be cleaned down or hosed down if required.

Just don’t go jumping on the tables, of course they aren’t loaded with springs like a trampoline.

Red Cup Pong has come up with some very impressive designs to really make the next beer pong tournament one to cheer about. Bringing you the best on the market, Red Cup is worth its weight in gold.

If you can’t find your preferred design and have a design ready to be transferred onto a quick ass table, then we got that covered too.

“Red Cup Pong makes the best regulation beer pong table in the world!”

Play beer pong on the best tables available today! All of Red Cup Pongs premium tables range is available with the option of regular or black aluminum.  The black aluminum table does not, however, feature our stainless steel bottle opener.

Select you product here and be directed to our very trusted partner Red Cup Pong today through Amazon!  If you are not 100% satisfied, send it back, there is absolutely no risk.  RedCup Pong stands behind it’s products, with the longest return policy guaranteed!


These 8 FT Tables are Manufactured with superior quality by Red Cup Pong.  These beer pong tables and products are the most durable in the industry.  Each table features an easy to clean surface that measures the standard 8 foot by 2 foot beer pong table length.  

Fixed Bottle Opener: These tables feature a  stainless steel bottle opener attached right to the table.  The opener features the Red Cup Pong logo.

Ball Holder: No longer worry about holding balls not in use.  Our tables include a discreet ball rack right under the table to fit up to 6 pong balls.

Pong Balls: Each table purchase includes 6 pong balls.

Easy to Set Up & Transport:  Our portable beer pong tables fold and unfold in under a minute.  Our tables fold into a small square box with carrying handles so you can take the table anywhere.

Feature List:

8 feet long
Regulation beer pong table Dimensions
Folds/Unfolds in under a minute for storage!
Easy to Clean Surface
Avoids warping and resists spills
Lightweight Design
Durable and Tough
Custom Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
Ball Rack
6 Pong Balls
Customizable Surface
Includes Carrying Handles
Double boxed to arrive in mint condition

Beer Pong Table Specs
Unfolded:  96x24x30 inches
Folded: 24x24x6 inches
Weight :22lbs


Scroll down we have left the best regulation beer pong table designs to last, be inspired by some totally wicked designs

Like one of the regulation beer pong table? Just click on it to find out more about it.


As a reminder:

All the beer pong tables on this page are the regulation tournament size. These regulation beer pong table are the same length and width specifications used in tournaments and leagues around the country including the World Series of Beer Pong held in Las Vegas NV , the Atlantic City Beer Pong Championship and the King of the Cups tournament. If you are looking to take your pong game seriously then you’ll want a regulation beer pong table built to the true official size.


8ft blank customizable Beer-Pong-Table cup pong

Blank Customizable Beer Pong and Beirut Table – 8ft

Beer Pong Table 8 FEET Blank with Bottle Opener, 6 Pong Balls

8ft Beer-Pong-Table-Angels-Demons redcup pong

sexy Angels & Demons Beer Pong Table – 8ft Design

Sexy Beer Pong Table – 8 Feet with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls!

8 ft Football-Beer-Pong-Table-red cupFootball Tailgate Beer Pong Table – 8 Feet with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls!

8 ft Comedy-Beer-Pong-Table red cup pong Comedic Beer Pong Table – Funny Vintage Design

Vintage Comedic Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener & 6 Balls – HD Graphic

8ft Vintage-Retro-Beer-Pong-red cup pong

Vintage Retro Beer Pong Table – Retro Design with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls

8ft Beer-Pong-Tropic-Design-red cup pong

Tropic Beach Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, & 6 Pong Balls!

Regulation beer pong table 8ft Beer-Pong-Table-Sexy-PinUp-red cup pong

Pin Up Girls Beer Pong Table – 8ft Vintage Design





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