RedCup Pong 6Ft Beer Pong Tables

6Ft Beer Pong Tables when you are a little tight for space

Red Cup Pong

Our Budies Red Cup Pong have some awesome gear.

MegaBeerPong is very happy to be associated with such a great partner. We aim to cover everyones tastes and have compiled on this site some trully fantasitc tables with super designs to impress even the most critical of friends. These tables are built to withstand some nasty spills so be confident that even those occasions when things get a little messy, the next day all can be cleaned down or hosed down if required.

Just don’t go jumping on the tables, of course they aren’t loaded with springs like a trampoline.

Red Cup Pong has come up with some very impressive designs to really make the next beer pong tournament one to cheer about. Bringing you the best on the market, Red Cup is worth its weight in gold.




So what can you expect from Red Cup Pong’s beer pong table range?


Each of Red Cup Pongs tables feature a 100% portable design, and most include an attached bottle opener, ball rack, and set of pong balls. Our tables feature a variety of designs, and we can even make your own design into a table!

Red Cup Pongs tables ship from both California and Virginia direct to your residence! We usually ship orders within 1-2 business days, and you can expect your table to arrive in 3-6 business days!


So what else can you expect from these 6Ft wonders:


These tables are crammed pack full of useful stuff, you can set out food,  ideal for a picnic with the boys (only joking about the picnic not that there is anything wrong with a picnic)  play beer pong – you bet, they sure are , and tailgate in style with these great tailgating pong tables!

These tables each have a high quality printed graphic on an easy to clean surface. Unlike some traditional tables, RedCup Pong tables are easy to clean, avoid stickiness, and will not absorb water and decay. Also, each table comes with a convenient ball rack and 6 pong balls.

In addition, they are easy to store and transport, since they can fold up and have carrying handles for your convenience. The table folds in half into a convenient carrying case. Folding and unfolding is simple, and takes under a minute.  And, the 6 Foot design places each person the right distance apart while not taking up any unnecessary space!

* 6 Foot Beer Pong Table
* Regulation Dimensions
* Ball Rack & Pong Balls
* Water Proof, Scratch Resistant Surface
* Folds/Unfolds in Under a Minute for Storage!
* Easy to Clean Surface
* High Quality Graphic
* Surface Avoids Warping and Resists Spills
* Lightweight Design
* Durable and Tough
* Comes with Carrying Handles
* Weighs under 16 lbs!


6ft football red-cup pong table

 Football Tailgate Beer Pong and Beirut Table

6ft black red-cup table

Black Beer Pong and Beirut Table

6ft white Portable-red cup-Table

Classic White 6 Foot Beer Pong & Beirut Table

6ft american-flag-red cup beer-pong

American Flag Patriotic Beer Pong Table – Premium Graphic

6ft baseball-red cup beer-pong

 Baseball Tailgate Beer Pong Table – Premium Graphic

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