Portable Beer Pong Table

Portable Beer Pong Table – Your Only Choice

The Portable Beer Pong table  has made beer pong easy. The game of beer pong, well known for its social party game atmosphere, mixed with spills and thrills, the competitive game has most recently grown in stature to more than the frat house of colleges.

The popularity of Beirut as it is known by some, has now created an ever expanding market of affordable, inexpensive beer pong tables. We witness the demand for the portable beer pong table grow along with the popularity of the game. Your choice of beer pong tables is impressive. The selection of table size, table top designs, portability and add on features allows for customization to the nth degree.

While establishing the criteria for your purchase of a portable beer pong table, it is clear that your choice is great. The most notable decision is the size, which is the base for a beer pong table buying decision. Once you have established that the most popular 8 foot by 2 foot table is the most standard size with the greatest options then your next decision is table material.

Aluminum Beer Pong Tables proves to be the most cost effective and most popular table construction on the market today. Many aluminum tables are available; from different manufacturers however with such an influx of imported beer pong tables, it is important to buy from established brands that put quality first. The convenience of aluminum beer pong tables is that they are made light weight and fold-able offering a fold down version into a brief case size storage. With the convenience of a handle for easy transportation

portable beer pong table

aluminum beer pong tables portable, light weight and convenient to store




Buyers Recommendation:

Consider your Budget

The more you can spend on a quality beer pong table, the more likely you will have a table that withstands the test of time not to mention, beer pong tournaments and beer pong parties.

We firstly recommended that you consider your budget. Determine how much you can set aside for a quality beer pong table. Aluminium is the most popular material today due to the competition on the market and the importation of the tables from China offering value for money. Quality is key when buying a beer pong table, with our recommendation to stick with the known brands in the business.

We recommend bjs beer pong as the major portable beer pong table maker on the market. With Quality USA finishing to ensure your table is of the highest quality.


Consider your Design

Would you like to take an off the shelf design and trust us there are some pretty awesome designs out there. Or would you sooner come up with a kick ass design of your very own and have the professionals take your design and place it on your new table. Weigh up the opportunity to spend a few more bucks and customize your beer pong table with YOUR design.

Looking for custom-beer-pong-tables-for-sale




Built in Lights for your beer pong table

You might want to pimp your table with the add on lights ideal for impressing your party people.


Built in Neon backlights beer pong table.

Or the more popular Neon backlit table, made with quality in mindand great for flip cup also.


If you need any help deciding which beer pong table to buy and need some expert advise contact us

We will ensure to offer you the best value for money, quality table that you and your party people buddies will enjoy for many years to come.


Digi Pongs Neon Green Beer Pong Table

Digi Pongs Neon Green Beer Pong Table comes in Blue and red also.

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