Pong Deck Beer Pong Drinking Game Party Card Deck +Case

Pong Deck is the Ultimate Beer Pong Drinking Game,

Pong deck is all about “how to spice up beer pong ”

Pong Deck is what makes Beer Pong and makes it go up to the next level! It will make any pong party into a whole lot of fun. This is a super cool all new ultra wild game exclusive to the die hardy party fan. Making it a full on play of fun new additions to the classic beer pong rule play book.


Your Beer pong rules have just been upgraded.


The game Pong deck comes together with 50 round cards, they have got an action command or a drinking rule that you must follow. The rules are simple – to play, place cards face down like coasters under the cups in a conventional beer rack formation. Each time an opponent “scores” by tossing a ball into a cup, the player removes the cup, drinks, then flips over the card underneath for an additional task.

This is custom beer pong rules under cups


Pong deck Action cards include hook shots, no-look shots, extra re-racks, and more.

Pong deck Drinking cards include socials, chugs, waterfalls, and full-drink slams.

The Pong deck cards are color-coded for easy separation if you don’t want to include the drinking cards for a full family friendly version of the game. The whole set is housed in tough plastic puck-style case making it an easy transportable game you should bring to all Parties. Choose to play with both drinking and action cards, or use only one kind for a streamlined game. The cup pong game with Attitude!

If you love beer pong and beer pong games why not take it to the next level? Pong Deck rules the table! Pick up your deck, ’cause it’s party time!


pong deck

Pong Deck Beer Pong Drinking Game Party Card Deck +CaseĀ  $9.99



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