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Playing beer pong- It is a mind game.

Playing Beer Pong is all about using your mind. One of the tips on beer pong that plays heavily on our abilities to win the game is all about getting into the zone. Some would say that this game is 90% mental and only 10% physical. Let your mind take the lead and totally focus. Pay attention at all times. After all we are here to win and show some glory. Loosing is for losers and if you want to play for the fun of it then go ahead. If you are reading these tips then you must have some inclination to win right!
So show your winning attitude, make sure that your partner is also concentrating at all times, do not get into a “fun” mood fully focus, relax and go with the flow.
Playing beer pong is all about those positive affirmations, the sense of achievement and winning is what we are here for. Proceed to ask yourself when playing beer pong to win is this simple question. “Why am I playing beer pong?”   WINNING
Whilst taking the shot again ask yourself, “why am I taking this shot”? To hit that cup and sink the ball of course.
You are left with a rebuttal shot, the only beer left is the beer pong beer, so you want a few more beverages right? You are up for a fun night and you are wanting to take the game to the next level. “I am here to make this shot to enjoy the winning feeling.
Positive thinking and great aim is going to make you a winner.
kids playing beer pong
Some Playing Beer pong Tips
  • You need to ensure that your chosen partner is a great player also. You do not want to be left having to be the go to guy or gal and make the cups yourself. So pick your partner wisely where possible.
  • Playing beer pong is all about a good technique. This is all about the follow through. Like many games, golf, tennis, darts,  you need to follow your shot through. Do not just let the ball go into the air, ensure to follow through in such a way you are following through to the cup you are aiming for.
  • While playing beer pong the rules may allow for designation of a “foul line” this is to ensure that there is a point where the players elbow or hand must not pass when she or he throws the ball. In the above example the kid has clearly passed the edge of the table. It is usually that the foul line is defined as the tables edge.

Now go and get playing beer pong and stop surfing the net.

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