MEGA BEER PONG Store and More

The MEGA BEER PONG store and More


The Beer Pong Store – Mega Beer Pong strives to be the number 1 Beer Pong store on the planet. We have compiled as much information on beer pong (aka Beirut) as we can humanly muster onto this Beer Pong Store portal that is why we have named it MEGA Beer Pong.

aluminium 8ft beer pong tables from the Beer Pong StoreAluminium Tables 8FT – Design your own or take a kick ass predesign

Neon Beer Pong Tables from the Beer Pong StoreNeon Beer Pong Tables

Offical Beer Pong table in White from the Beer Pong Store

BPONG Offical Beer Pong Tables

See the MEGA Range of Kick Ass Tables
See the MEGA Range of Kick Ass Tables
Inflatable Beer Pong TablesInflatable Tables
beer pong costume girls
Beer Pong & Beer Costumes -girls

tailgate tablesTailgate Pong Tables Floating Beer Pong RacksFloating Beer Pong Racks
beer pong balls Beer Pong Balls Glow In The Dark Beer Pong Balls Glow In The Dark Beer Pong Balls
Customised Balls for Beer PongCustomised Balls for Beer Pong
Beer Pong RacksBeer Pong Racks & Ice Racks
beer pong cupsbeer pong cups
keep calm play beer pongBeer Pong Posters and Signs
Emergency Beer pong kit
Beer Pong Kits
pong deck

Pong Deck – Beer Pong Game Play with Atttitude

the book of beer pongThe Book of Beer Pong


Design Your Own Beer Pong Table

Custom beer pong tables for sale

Need a Beer Pong Table? Looking for all the kick ass Beer Pong tables and accessories then you have come to the right place. We are serious about Beer Pong and we want to give you one place for everything beer pong and beer.

MEGABeerpong is all about promoting beer pong to the world, so get your crew in order and battle to win the ultimate prize “The world championship of beer pong“. Do battle against the best and aspire for greatness.

If World champion status is far from your reality, then set yourself the goal to master the fine art of Beer Pong in your domain. Make sure to invite the hotties to your next beer pong challenge. Practice makes perfect, and let your skills pay the bills, with some fine game play your aim is to sink all balls. You then get to make the calls. “Strip that gear girl” is the aim of the game, should you choose one variation of this fine beer drinking game.

Ladies, the same rules apply to the lads (referring to the strip variety of the Beer Pong game), get your practice in like Tiger Woods and you will have the chance to show up those boys.

Of course the game of party pong can be played as a family friendly game without the alcoholic beverages. Promoting a family friendly version is another way to show how much we care about drinking responsibly.

Where to buy Beer Pong tables? – Just let us show you our best and most convenient online beer pong store ready at your finger tips

Are you ready to purchase a totally great beer pong table? Then you have come to the right place. We have compiled this beer pong store some of the best beer pong tables on the market at the best prices. You have a vast selection of choices, ranging from 6FT beer pong tables, to the regulation 8Ft Beer pong tables plus inflatable beer pong tables and many many more beer pong accessories also. Most beer pong table frames are industry standard, made with light weight high grade aluminum for long lasting durability. Check out the beer pong table designs, some totally unique concepts and plenty to choose from with laminated tops to protect the table from sun, liquid spills, scratch resistant and made for easy clean up after a big gaming session.

Included in the range of beer pong tables we include the regulation size. The regulation beer pong size makes these beer pong tables 8 ft. long by 2 ft. wide and about 27 to 28 in. high. The regulation size is Perfect for practicing for the next big tournament!

Looking to take the tournament to the people? MEGABeerpong has available the official beer pong tables of The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP). Every Year these BPONG tables are used in the WSOBP in Las Vegas. It’s a massive event. The Original BPONG table is a totally great product.

So we got plenty of tables and one of them has your name on it. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your beer pong journey, or perhaps an experienced ponger or need some extra fun in your dorm room, we have the widest selection and we guarantee you will find a style that fits your individualism.

MEGABeerpong your beer pong store is happy to be part of the fast growing and ever so popular beer pong community. The Competitive sport of Beer Pong has grown in leaps and bounds in only a few years and it gives us great pleasure to be part of this extraordinary community. You too are part of it, just by expressing your interest on this site. It is an exciting time and we want you to have the best beer pong gear out there.

With Beer Pong tournaments, local pubs, college competitions and more, all practice opportunities leading up to the biggest tournament in Las Vegas NV every year with a cool $50,000 top prize to the winning team.

Holly Crap Batman that is some serious cash and a fantastic place to party, sin city “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

You don’ t have to be in the USA to experience this great game, we have our links to our down under mates in AUSTRALIA.

Of course we gotta show our thanks to all the dedicated students to making the Beer Pong game what it is today. Evolution from the Table tennis origins, to the Beirut ? Beer Pong version throwing pong balls into cups, house beer pong rules have been created from East Coast to West Coast or West Coast to East Coast, however you want to call it.

The Rules are varied and adapted to your surroundings, just remember “rules are there to be broken” and being able to change the rules is great, get down and dirty and make it one hell of a fun time.

Want to contribute with your own unique version of the rules, then just contact us and we will add your version to our page.

If you want to share with us your college tournaments or local bar night beer pong schedules pics and more to show what’s happening in this great sport, then send it our way. We are happy to share it on our facebook page or events page on this site.



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