mcshaker gangnam – Mcdonalds mcshaker gangnam style

mcshaker gangnam style

How quick was mcshaker gangnam created? Ever wonder how corporations tap into the latest Trends?

Check out this picture of mcshaker gangnam  from an unknown source.

Could it just be a photoshop edit?

Has Mcdonald’s got onto the scene with their edition gangnam style McShaker fries?

mcshaker gangnam the truth.

Well after doing dome research it was found that the Mc Donald’s McShaker gagnam style was nothing more than a hoax.

mcshaker gangnam

The instructions as per the Mcshaker gangnam.

“1. Place your fries and seasoning contents into the bag; 2. Seal the paper bag securely and shake it like the Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”; 3. Open your bag and enjoy Gagnam seasoned fries.”

Well not the true translation but damn close to the real one.

Those were the Mcshaker gagnam instructions that we translated from Malaysian — which could be read along the bottom of the McDonald’s paper French fries bag.

The Korean performer Psy — who is the creator of the K-pop video “Gangnam Style”  which  has certainly become the global phenomenon of 2012. The number two song in USA and with the  most likes as a video on YouTube, a history in the making event.  It was Take that (“Call Me Maybe”) — tweeted this photo of the fries bag along with a message, “They know how to do it Malaysia~!!!!! LOL.”

You would expect this to be a fantastic viral campaign by McDonald’s However it was not.

It was according to Astro Awani, “which is the Malaysian first 24 hour  information news channel,”

Reporting that McDonald’s Malaysia  denied any involvement of the  mcshaker gangnam bag. In his statement, the corporate communications director of McDonald’s located in Malaysia the director, Najat Fuad replied, “With regard to the recent tweet posted by Psy, we wish to clarify that the McShaker Fries bag featured in the post was not produced by McDonald’s Malaysia.”

What is all the hype about with mcshaker gangnam or just Gangnam style??

You just have to see youtube and type in Gangnam style to realise that the offical video alone has had 309,673,231 views as at Saturday September 29th 2012
and counting

The creator PSY – GANGNAM STYLE has become one of the most viewed and famous K-Pop artists of the year.
K-pop being Korean pop.



If you enjoy watching hot asian girls from Korea doing their thing, check out the video.
The Stockholm Flashmob was pretty entertaining, just happened to be there to see it myself.
unfortunately didnt get in fottage of the flashmob itself. It was like what the heck is this dance ??? Until some guy tells me, haven’t you seen you tube?

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