Make Beer Pong Table

Make Beer Pong Table – from scratch

How to make beer pong table sounds like a strange idea, as you might have gathered we sell beer pong tables. So it would seem strange that we include beer pong table plans here. Why not, for every five tables we sell someone will try their hardest to try and determine how to make beer pong table themselves. We do appreciate a customized hand-built table and appreciate the professionals who make our tables.

You have to start somewhere so we include the the following beer pong table instructions which will allow you to build a table that uses a 8ft x 4ft piece of plywood as the playing surface. However note this is not how to make a folding beer pong table. Stay tuned for instructions on how to make a portable beer pong table. By making your own table you do  allow for personal customization and can spend many hours creating a piece of art. Allowing you an opportunity to use all the creativity that is just dying to be used to it’s potential

Many aspiring beer pong table makers think that building a beer pong table is a more cost effective way to obtain a beer pong table. Evidence suggests not, as the cost of wood and necessary equipment adds up. Not to mention the hours and potential quality issues. Sorry you might be an expert cabinet maker, who aspires to change direction.

Before you begin, just a little reminder we have a portable beer pong table Starting at $129.95

So you are serious, well good for you,  you are ready to begin making  your new homemade beer pong tables.


How To Make Beer Pong Table Tip:

When you make beer pong table, ensure to to come up with a table top design first. Then you know what paint colors you need when going out to the hardware store to buy your gear. You don’t want to make multiple stops if you can help it.

Special thanks to the lads at central California beer pong for uploading this cool video.

We took inspiration and adapted to suit.


Before you begin making a beer pong table, we recommend you watch the video on the bottom of the page which outlines the instruction we have created.



Ingredients  on how to make beer pong table

  • 1x Plywood Hardwood  3/4” thick 8ft x 4 ft   (approximately $39) Just ask Home depot or your local hardware store  to cut the plywood straight down the middle to get you the 8ft x 2ft dimension it givesw you 2 tables if you are so inclined.

Alternatively get yourself a Power saw and cut it yourself

make beer pong table



    • 1xSet of Folding table legs (approximately $16)
  •  Screws (approximately $5)
  • Power drill
  • Sand paper
  • Paint Brush 1 large, 1 medium
  • Something to hold the paint in, like a good paint pot.
  • Grey Primer
  • Various Paint colours for what ever colour combination you are thinking of.
  • Sealant lacquer (polycrylic Minimax or equivalent) used to seal your table after the design has been completed.
  • Painters Tape.
  • Safety – Dusk mask and safety glasses / goggles


You may decide to have the wood look as the major background, so stain might be needed, you may also use spray paint vs traditional paint.

  • Four cans of Spray Paint (approximately $15)
  • 1 gallon of stain (approximately $10)
  • Four cans of Spray Lacquer (approximately $15)


Make sure you are in a well ventilated when sanding, painting, lacquering and staining. The dust and fumes may pose a health hazard. If in doubt consult the instructions on the pack of your paint product.


How To Make Beer Pong Table step 1. Drilling on the Legs to your wood beer pong table top.

Take your folding legs from the box,

Place your wood on a suitable surface ready for attaching your legs, we recommend to take the bad surface to place your foldable legs. (you want to keep the smooth nicer surface as your table top. )

Measure approx 16″ from the back of the plywood. & 7.5″ to 8″ from each side. Screw in your foldable table legs using the power drill and screws

Do this for both legs.

Once complete flip over your table ready for sanding.



How To Make Beer Pong Table step 2. Sanding your Table

Take your sand paper and finely sand the table top to give a nice smooth finish, If you have a power sander great, use it and save some time.

How To Make Beer Pong Table step 3. Priming the Table

Tip: Be sure to lay a protective cover or newspaper on the floor to stop any drips from ruining your floor.

After sanding be sure to wipe off any dust with a damp cloth.

Take your primer (undercoat) and mix the contents well stirring it to give good texture as you would with all paints.

Put an adequate amount of paint into a container that enables you to put your paint brush in. If you have a large paintbrush you might not be able to put the brush direct into the tin.

Take the Primer and prime the playing surface as well as the edges of your table.

Once complete allow approx 2 hours before another coat.

We recommend you do 2 coats of primer to give the best coverage, it will help in the long run.

How To Make  Beer Pong Table step  4. Applying the base color.

Tip: You need to think about the easiest way to paint your table, what color combinations etc you need to use and what masking techniques you will need to give you the best result.

So you have determined what base color you want and go paint it . Use nice long even strokes.

Allow time for re coat and we recommend at least 2 coats of your base color or stain.

How To Make Beer Pong Table step 5. Apply The Painters tape for the Border Edge of your table.

Of course the Painters tape and the use of it really depends on your design, if you want some nice border lines and triangles for your cup formation then using 1″ painters tape is ideal to give you a clean crisp line.

For the borders on the edge of the tables  Take the Painters tape – (Masking tape) and on one end of the table attach the tape from below the table rounding it up to the table top along the edge of the table.

 See the diagram below

Take the tape not sticking entirely well to begin with, wind the tape to the other end and nicely line it up making sure it is straight along the long edge of your table. Take your scissors and cut the tape and then tape under the table to give a reinforcing effect.

Then once straight press the tape well down ensuring that paint is not able to seep under the tape.

For the other side of the Border line , be sure to take a measurement approx 3″ from the edge, using the same principle of taking the tape from the base of the table rounding at the end to the top wind the tape to the other end and be sure to straighten the tape nicely measuring approx 3″ from the long edge and apply the tape. Be sure to push it down firmly.

Apply the same principle for the other long edge.

Be sure to do two coats or however many coats is necessary if your base coat was dark and your border lines are light in colour you may need more then 2 coats. See making a beer pong table is easy.


How To Make Beer Pong Table step 6. Apply The Painters tape for the beer pong triangles.

Measure the triangle on the short ends of the table required for the triangle formation.

Using the mid point of the table as a reference, the base of the triangle wants to be  16″ wide.

Then 14″ from the back ot the table to the top of the triangle which will cover a 10 cup rack.

Tip: cut the tape on an angle to get a nice triangle not straight see instructions in video below.

See diagram below for easiest instructions to apply your tape.

Note be sure to press down firmly on the tape so no paint can leach under the paint.

 Tip: As you are painting in fine lines for your border, revert to a smaller paint brush.

Be sure to do as many coats as necessary allowing ample time between coats for drying.

how to make beer pong table - beer pong triangle dimensions

We thought the following design was also a good way to show the half way line for your beer pong table. It also shows an alternative way to mask your triangle, adapt your masking to suit.

how to make  beer pong table - masking the triangle for beer pong table



How To Make Beer Pong Table step 7. Removing the tape. Reveal your crisp and clean lines.

Take care when peeling back you don’t want to tear the paint.


How To Make Beer Pong Table step 8. If you have another color to apply

repeat the masking tape steps and apply paint accordingly.


How To Make Beer Pong Table step 9. Remove Tape

be sure to remove the tape slowly and carefully you do not want to damage the paint work.


How To Make Beer Pong Table step 10. Apply design decal

You can pick up beer pong decals, automotive decals from Amazon. Or if you are good, design a logo maybe using a stencil and paint it.

Just go buy or make your own decal or place a sticker on your table top We can recommend Amazon they have plenty of Automotive decals and stickers,

Ok Here is a choice Table Idea, Transformers Autobots vs Decepticon just stick them on apposing sides and you have a quality design concept, look at these prices, next to nothing Super Cheap…



Alternatively take a graphic from the computer and print it out on adhesive backed paper. It will make your job much easier giving a top class look.

Tip: Position the decal or design first before applying, see what position you want your decal and what you like the best, if possible get a second opinion form a buddy.

Once you have decided where you will stick your decal be sure to place the decal with a nice smooth result take your time and remove where possible any bubbles.


How To Make a Beer Pong Table step 11. Coat the decal and the table top

Using the sealant lacquer, give your table a good coat of sealant. Allow to dry and reapply at least 2 coats if not 3.

This final coat is your sealant from any nasty spills and well worth it to protect your new Master Piece.


How To Make a Beer Pong Table step 12. Unveil your Piece of Beer Pong Art.

Time to see the results of all those hours of hard work, nothing is more rewarding. Play a game of beer bong with your new table. Relax and enjoy a few beverages whilst admiring your handy work.


Check out this video and contains all of these instructions in one simple to follow clip.
thanks for sharing.

Happy Beer Pong table making.

The Following Video shows you how to make a beer pong table and we recommend you view this to better understand our instructions.

Short on time and money, making a beer pong table seems more trouble then it is worth then we highly recommend the pre built versions, customize to your own design tastes.

Design Your Own beer pong table here..

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