light up beer pong table

Digi Pong light up beer pong table

The totally cool  light up beer pong table  are just what the doctor ordered. So you have saved enough cash working part time down at the mini mart,  or a rich uncle has just left you some money in his will . Now it’s time to impress the crew with this leading Neon Light Beer Pong Table.

These tables are the most prestigious on the market today, unless we are talking big money spend for a totally customised neon light version that even Bills Gates would have second thoughts about buying.

Available in Neon green , Red and Blue the manufacturer gives it a 12 month warranty so these are true quality pieces.

Available through our partner’s beer pong table department light up beer pong table.

These Electronic light up beer pong table marvels are set to the biggest thing since they discovered the Earth was round.


light up beer pong tables- Digi Pongs Neon Green Beer Pong Table
Neon Beer Pong Table

Price: 609.95
Retail Price: 749.99
Neon light up Beer Pong table

The light up beer pong table from Digi Pong are just awesome. The top quality look and craftsmanship of these tables makes these the leading tech beer pong table in the industry. Some consider extravagant others just love the look.

The digi pong neon light up beer pong table commands a few offers:

  •     The designs are custom built which feature the grey table with your choice of green, red or blue neon light tables.
  •     Use the illuminating cup recesses. They help prevent cups getting knocked over. They also illuminate the cups when they sit on the table.
  •     The Neon Beer Table has 4 side running strobing lights. You just need to push the button for different strobe patterns and select your favourite.
  •     Store additional balls during the game in the ball tracks on the corners of the table.
  •     Use the sliding bounce plate on the table for bounce shots.
  •     The Table has clear tops that are protective and removable for cleaning. Also allows for changing the coloured tops or the lights.
  •     The tops of the tables are screen print ready or if you want put your own decal on the table top so you can create your own style custom made beer pong table that is totally illuminating.
  •     Play Flip Cup on the table with 6 specially made recesses on each side of the table.
  •     The leg system is Collapsible and the table can fold in half for easy storage and transportation.
  •     You can Lock and use the carry handle to make it secure for transportation.
  •     The digi pong table comes with a one-Year WARRANTY
light up beer pong tables- Digi Pongs Neon Red Beer Pong Table
Glowing Beer Pong Table

Price: 609.95
Retail Price: 749.99
Glowing Beer bong table
light up beer pong table- Digi Pongs Neon Blue Beer Pong Table
Illuminating Beer Pong Table

Price: 609.95
Retail Price: 749.99
Illuminating Beer bong table

So what do you say get yourself one or three of these lighted beer pong tables from Digi Pong and have a blast playing your favourite past time Beer Pong and Flip Cup.


If you can not afford one of the digi pong versions there is a cool kit you can purchase

light up beer pong table kit

Light Up Beer Pong Kit



This is certainly a complete blast to play beer pong with ! Assured to be a winner at the party . You will find yourself impressed with exactly how instantly it is possible to transform any table into an amazing glow beer pong table . As soon as all things are illuminated , the lighting is mesmerizing & seriously place a brand new element of enjoyment to the game.

Please Be Aware : an actual beer pong table is NOT offered with this Kit .

You can expect to receive a 22 feet strand of Top Quality Green El Wire . The El wire is a battery driven cable that appears like neon whenever switched on ! Our El Wire is extremely vibrant, flexible, durable, and also cool to the feel. You can utilize this cable wire to accentuate the boundary of the beer pong table you will find yourself using. A roll of HD Very clear Mounting tape is included in the Package . Additionally you can decide on using an adhesive should you want.

The El Wire arrives connected to a 9v transportable battery pack that permits you to regulate the El Wire’s functionality from Continuous On to Blink Options .

Additionally you can Manage the Blink Quickness & Cable brightness.

Batteries are replaceable , Utilize over & another time ! Completely Easily transportable You will additionally be receiving a set of 12 Multi-Colored LED cups .

We have tested a great number of different LED cups & absolutely nothing compares to these kind of cups included.

Find out more about this cool Light Up Beer Pong Kit

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