Inflatable beer pong table

Inflatable beer pong table- BPONG

Inflatable beer pong table game play is awesome, looking for a great Beer pong table you want to play beer pong in the pool?

This is the official beer pong brand from BPONG so act up to your professional status and buy the brand used by the champions.

Just blow the table up and its all ready for some pools side action, make sure the babes are hot and challenge them to a full game of beer pong.

Who knows how far the action plays out.

Of course you can always use the table to chill out on and relax, comes in handy when you have forgotten your blow up mattress.

Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

You can purchase an inflatable beer pong table for a lot less than it costs to make a table yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get on the Internet and buy one for yourself. Basically this is a larger than normal inflatable pool raft. It has a few inbuilt cup formations on both ends of the inflatable beer pong table raft. These cups formations hold the cups during game time. The inflatable beer pong table is what many regard as the ultimate in pool party accessories. Bring it along and you are sure to win a whole lot of bonus points with your friends. They might even throw a few beers your way for being the party king.

The Inflatable beer pong table is also proven to be a very versatile unit, with the ability to quickly turn it into a floating raft. You can also use it as a light weight table, blow it up and use it pretty much anywhere you fancy. Set it down across a garbage can and it provides a good height for game play. Even set up on the car hood and you have beer pong game day straight away.



An Inflatable Beer pong table that floats.
Perfect way for you to practice even more
Use the World Series of Beer Pong in the pool, lake, or hot tub

Versatile to be played on land using a few items to raise your table for easy game play.
Dimensions: 4 inches  High  x 35 inches  Wide  x 78 inches Deep

BPONG Inflatable beer Pong table

BPONG Inflatable beer Pong table

Inflatable Beer Pong Table – $59.99

Retail Price: $69.99
You Save: $10.00


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Inflatable beer pong table

Portable beer Pong Table BPong White Inflatable (models not included)BPONG-Floating beer pong Table


inflatable beer pong table


bpong inflatable table beer pong



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