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The Best in test Floating Beer pong table

AIR PONG – The one and only  Air Pong Table


There are a few floating beer pong tables for purchase, each having their own merits, however this one has the best floating beer pong tables reviews.

High Quality “Air Pong” 7ft Inflatable Beer Pong Table

13 out of 17 gave it the thumbs up with a 5 star rating as per Amazon’s reviews.

This floating beer pong table is ideal for a number of things:

  • Use it as a floating beer pong table for the pool – like hello where else would you use a floating beer pong table? Actually you can use it anywhere if you choose to. This is a floating beer pong table unless of course it has a puncture in it and then of course it wouldn’t be a blow up beer pong table then as it just would not blow up.
  • You could choose to take it to the pool and use it as a floating beer pong table raft, when you just happen to have a few beers nicely placed in the great beer pong racks.
  • use it to rest when you haven’t got a proper air mattress
  • Take it to a tailgaters occasion and just inflate it ready for some action.

This is not necessary the cheapest on the market why have cheap when you canve the best value for money.

It does come with some cool racks that are freezable so this is definitely one added bonus over the rest of the try hard floating beer pong table makers.


“All we can say is, wicked. What an insanely awesome floating beer pong table! I take the thing everywhere with me. It’s been to a few football tailgates, although mostly we use it in my pool. The racks that come with this table are even freezable! No more warm beer? What more could you ask for, honestly?”

“The table holds up very well, and is pretty durable to say the least. The cups are held secure, and they stay in a perfect rack at all times. Overall, A+ for the air pong table.”

So unlike the other floating beer pong tables their is no gap between the cups so no mucking around fetching the balls out from between the cups which can be considered a bad characteristic of the other inflatable tables.

It doesn’t come with the ropes supplied so maybe not as practical vs the Port o Pong however if you want freezable perfect racked up cups then this should be your choice for sure.

Available through Amazon.


The Air Pong Table, Inflatable Beer Pong Cooler, Floating Beer Pong Table, 7ft, Vinyl, Lightweight, Portable, Comes with a Built-in Cooler and Free Plastic Racks, by PongHead

You can view all of our product review videos on YouTube. Type "Air Pong Reviews" to see all of the great videos our customers have sent us.
This 7ft inflatable beer pong table features a built-in cooler and a plastic racking system. This table can be used as a beer pong table, a raft, a floating cooler or anything else you can think of.
This table has a cooler directly in the center. Cooler holds at least 18 cans of your favorite beverage and ice. This table will still float anywhere, even when the cooler is full.

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Price: $57.10

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The new life of the pool Party with the ultimate beer pong table for the pool!




This table features:

  • Made from ultra-durable polyvinyl this has a 7 foot inflatable playing surface .
  •  A FREE SET OF (2) beer pong racks, which keep all standard cups tightly racked, guaranteed! *($24.95 value). comes with this inflatable table. AWESOME!!!!
  •  Built directly into the body are water cup and discard cup holders.
  • With a tight and stable cup rack this unique design allows for authentic game play beating the rival tables by a long shot, not being biased at all.
  • 4 grommet loops to tie down or hang the table!
  • Portable to the Extreme !
  • Great for random acts of pong (poolside parties, dorm rooms, tailgating, etc).
  • Comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!


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