Custom beer pong table

Custom beer pong table – Design Your own.

Are you a graphic designer or have you a fantastic design idea for a Custom Beer Pong Table? Then you should look at the custom beer pong table option at BJs Beer Pong.

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It is simple you have the chance to create your very own Beer Pong Table Design and put it into physical reality! Our good buddies at BJ’s Beer Pong have the most cost effective and most affordable custom beer pong table on the Beer Pong Table market. They are the experts in taking your vision or a new design and making it into your new table. If you are experienced with graphic design, you can submit your own design . Should you need help designing your table, simply select the graphic design work option and the team will design the table to your specifications.

Read More about the process of creating your custom process at our BJs Beer Pong post

This would have to be one of the most cost effective ways to get a kick ass AWESOME Beer Pong table of your very own.

Looking to create a table for your own tournament, Your fraternity or your own team, then this is exactly what you need.  Very affordable Custom beer pong table through our number one partner BJ’s Beer Pong site.


Custom beer Pong Table available Here.


Looking for custom beer pong table ideas?

Here are our tips.

Customize your own beer pong table design:

Based on your own Beer Pong Team Name. Come up with a Beer Pong Team Name that is unique or something that you are happy to be associated with. After all you don’t want some lame name that is going stick with you for the rest of your college years.

You might want to associate your name with a particular Beer Pong shot, or defense move.

Associate it with a famous quote “Blood Sweat and Beers” there are plenty to choose from.

Based on your fraternity. Make sure you get permission to use your Frat house’s emblem or mascot. This could be a truly awesome and very memorable table. Take pride in your colors and show up practiced.

Based on opposites   There are often natural Ying Yang type differences. Maybe you have an arch nemesis ALPHA vs BETA you know what I am saying.   Good vs Evil, God vs the Devil.  Saints vs Sinners, Good Girls vs bad girls. Take Card decks, Hearts vs Spades, Boys vs Girls this could be a totally awesome table if you can get guys and girls competing against each other every time. Heroes vs Villains could be a great idea too.

Based on your favourite sports team: You might have a local sports club or a sport you enjoy, think to incorporate your favourite team on your table and use it not just for beer pong events but tailgating also. Lay down your food on your new Table.

Based on hot chicks every one likes a nice looking gal to look at, just make sure your table design is not conflicting with copyright laws and not going to put you off your game entirely.

Here is an example of a custom graphic that we sketched up, a nice young lady with short shorts..

Let your imagination run wild and take any graphic you want and make it into a beer pong table.

custom beer pong table - short shorts


Just take a look at some of the examples of custom beer pong table. You will love your table and you are going to have your new table dragged to all your tournaments and event nights so you want to have some top graphic to impress. Build Beer Pong table to the regulation dimensions to get the most out of practice. That’s the 8 foot x 2 foot variety.

Personalized Beer Pong  tables will get you noticed, for all the good and bad reasons. If you dont want to go Personal you can always go something a little less showman style. Go for something a little plain if you haven’t got the talent. Once you do and you have all the showmanship of a true winner, up your design to something No one is going to miss.


Examples of the potential – Custom beer pong table examples of finished designs from  BJ’s Beer Pong




Learn more about BJs Beer Pong

We have posted about BJs Beer Pong so read about our favorite beer pong partner.


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