Bones Beer pong Table from the pong squad

Bones Beer pong table the Skeleton Beer pong Table

Bones Beer pong table is from the Pong Squad who have introduced this totally awesome design known as Bones with the skeleton beer pong characters that will rock your socks off.

bones beer pong table

Bones Portable Beer Pong Table with cup holes


Bones Portable Beer Pong Table No Holes


bones beer pong case

Bones Beer pong Table Features:

  • 22 holes Pre drilled to give you easy setup of your beer pong game. The Bones Beer pong Table comes WITHOUT  HOLES PRE DRILLED ALSO.
  • This is an intense,  multiple color graphic, that rocks with the rock  star skeletons playing beer pong as only they know best.
  • a foldable 8 x 2 feet table, designed for ease of portability
  • Each of the holes are lined with rubber to give that added extra protection

The Pong Squad can claim to be the 1st to bring to the market  these 8′ tables with the 2 pre-drilled holes. The holes are specially placed  for easy beer pong cup setup and they most definitely will minimize beer spillage from such external factors such as the wind, the kids and the drunk guy who can’t handle his drink. This is the  “re-rack” essential table.


If you like the Bones Beer Pong table and want to buy it just do it today and stop wasting valuable time.

We have already had plenty of happy Bones Beer pong Table customers. Make this your new Year’s resolution to buy a beer pong table.

So what other stuff can be say about this table? It is great and our way of just making sure we have 300 words in our post as google likes that for the search engines.

Usually we have plenty to talk about but we are lost for words.


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