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BJs Beer Pong Our Number ONE Partner for quality beer pong tables.

BJs Beer Pong

Introducing our newest partner to the Mega Beer Pong clan. BJs Beer Pong the number one for beer pong tables. There is no other company that can compare to BJs Beer Pong. They truly are the benchmark for professional quality tournament beer pong tables as well as having the best custom beer pong tables for sale.

You will discover that BJs Beer Pong Tables has the largest selection of available table top designs and a number of different table sizes to meet your specific requirements.

What we like about the tables is that they are all produced with a frame made of aluminium. While the table top itself is made from a high quality melamine coated finish. It is then that the highly glossed, superb photo quality images (your selected design) is then carefully stuck to the table top with a vinyl laminate that is six millimeters thick. What you get is a beer pong table that is built to last, with a surface that is highly resistant to liquids be it water or dare we say beer. The surface also has a relatively good resistance to the sun. All of this comes in at a very affordable price tag.

Quality finished in the USA.

You will be happy to know that BJs Beer Pong tables are designed by a dedicated team in the US, North Carolina. Where the design and the top finish is completed in the US to ensure the quality is to the max.

Quality does not have to cost the earth, these are the Rolls Royce of beer pong Tables, or as BJs likes to call them the Bentley of beer pong tables . Your money is well invested in a quality table from BJs whilst they may not be the absolute cheapest parting with a few extra dollars to get the best is well worth it in our opinion.


Select the right BJs Beer Pong table that is right for you

BJs offers three different types of tables.

  • Compact table
  • Pro Table the most popular choice
  • Commercial table


Pro Beer Pong Table

This is BJs flagship table range that has been produced to meet the specifications of tournament game play. The designs you shall find are very exclusive and they are made with only the one fold to ensure the frame and the fold marks are not affecting the game.

Compact Beer Pong Table

The compact table range is all about the ability to store and transport in a convenient sized suitcase like carry case. These compact beauties are ideal for those limited to space and great for transporting to and from your tournaments or beer pong nights.

Commercial Beer Pong Tables from BJs Beer Pong

The commercial size is an exclusive and unique table brought to you by BJs. These tables have been designed and produce with multiple team play in mind. Suitable for beer pong action in clubs and pubs, Chapter houses, recreation centres or any other large group following.


BJs does the highest quality Custom beer pong tables also

You will be Mega happy you went to BJs Beer Pong Tables for a custom beer pong table. They make the job of ordering a custom table really simple. We can honestly say that no other company will do it quicker, superior and with so many satisfied customers.

So the reason for such happy customers is that each table is professionally crafted by the team in the print factory in North Carolina. They employ the latest state of the art technology to ensure the upmost in quality standards for your custom table.

The team at Bjs Beer pong will:

  • not be outsourcing their work.
  • you will not be hassled with inferior low quality tables.
  • and most certainly you will not be getting a dull surface finish.
  • nor is it a mass market screen printing job.


On-site Graphic artists

The team at BJs has on on-site graphic artists ready to take your work and support you in ensuring a smooth design process.

So if you are after one table or hundreds, ill it takes is 4 simple steps.

1. click on the link to be directed to the custom menu

2. Select the size you are after, Pro Compact or the Commercial option.

3. Select Design services if you should require support in creating your vision for your beer pong table.


You should consider using the Design Service

It could be well worth the investment, The low flat fee of $54.95 will ensure you get the utmost in quality. You will be assigned a professional graphic artist for your work of art beer pong project.

Your designer will be in contact with you via an email within less than twenty four hours from the time you have placed your order.

The Graphic designer will be sure to make your vision a reality.

  • It just takes some direction from you
  • Your chosen theme
  • your preferred colors
  • perhaps some photos or drawings that might provide some vision to your requirements for a quality design inspired by your imagination.

The designers are most certainly experts in solution finding methods to ensure that your design will fit this large canvas your table top of your new beer pong table. You will be totally amazed at the finished table.

Within a few days, from your initial discussion on the vision, the assigned designer will send you their design proof for your review and approval. Should the proposed desin not meet your vision, no problem. Provide your feedback on what you would like to amend and the designer will further refine your design to ensure you are totally 100 % satisfied. The promise at BJs Beer Pong is guaranteed satisfaction.


Do you already have a Design ready?

You might already have a design ready for production, Simple just click on the camera ready Art Link in the custom menu section. Follow the instructions.

From the page titled “Camera Ready Art Specifications for BJ’s Professional Grade Custom Beer Pong Tables”

You will find all the requirements and the template files that can be downloaded.

Once the design is approved the design is printed and shipped in 2 business days.

Camera Ready Designs = quick shipment.

So you have sent through your design it is approved by BJs designers and the design is printed and professionally applied and shipped out the door in 2 business days.

Typically shipping is about 4 days or less in continental USA so you can expect to receive your custom table in 7 to 9 days.

Speedy service does not mean poor quality goods

So BJs Beer Pong Tables offer custom tables Quicker, Superior and also guaranteed to please.


Personalized beer pong tables are also available from the selected designs.

Yes you can personalize some of the designs to have your name, friends name or whoever, what ever you feel is fitting to the pre design. Have a look at some of the options below.

Be sure to visit BJs Beer Pong Tables for the whole range.


Check out the Pre Design selection of Beer Pong Tables from BJs.

They have the largest collection of designs ready for quick production so you can get the best for less.

I would be sticking to BJs Beer Pong Tables just look at the cool selection.

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You can Purchase these Designs with some Personal touches. Check it out

Just check Out BJs Beer Pong for your Personalized Beer Pong Table.  Just go to the Designs to Personalize section at our Number one partner BJs.

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