Belgium And Beer: The Paradise for beer lovers

Belgium and Beer- The place for beer.

With some totally amazing history, the small country of Belgium is “The Beer country”. With it central location and with borders to France, Germany, Luxembourg,  and The Netherlands. You can say it is the very heart and soul of Central Europe. The Head office of the European union is located in Belgium and for a small country it is certainly technologically advanced whilst also bering a member of NATO. It is also part of the EU and it is most definitely the beer lovers country.

Belgium and Beer – The Belgian Brewer’s Guild

The fact speak for themselves, this is the Beer lovers paradise. You can understand why the Belgian Brewer’s Guild can boast about the beer originating from this little country. While it is true you can most definitely enjoy the tastes of a different beer for every day of the year. More than 365 beers and you still have many, many more to choose from the next years.  What do you say beer lover’s is this the place for your beer tasting experience or what?

Belgium and Beer – Some of the beers are brewed in monasteries.

This long standing tradition that dates back many centuries, it is true that some of the most well recognized breweries are in fact located in monasteries. The monastery brewed beers are known as trappiste breweries and are the beers that are created and produced by the members of monastic order. Of the most well recognized and famous trappiste breweries that you most likely come across or at least tried for yourself include:

  • Chimay
  • Rochefort
  • Orval
  • Westmalle
  • Westveltren

With the breweries producing a number of different types of beers. It is suprising to see that Orval only produces the one type of beer. For Orval has dedicated their skills on a single type ensuring they focus and concentrate on just the one beer. Not to distract their dedicated attention to a single beer. They certainly seem dedicated.



belgium and beer

Certainly the beer producers have a number of different beer types and many will have a  “dubble” or “tripple” in their line up. This refers to the level of alchol concentration or just how strong the beer is. This strength is a direct relation to the results od the fermentation process.

The aging of the beer creates the wonder tastes, with many of the trappiste beers being bottled in a suitable condition and generally housed in a callar where the beer is able to evolve in the fantastic beers with the aging process.


Belgium and Beer – the “biere d’abbaye” or “abby beers”

The more commonly available Belium Beers are the abby beers. You will not likely find them brewed at an abbey rather they are now contracted to the local breweries. The original recipe is then replicated by the new brewery and taste just as fine. It allows for greater quantities of the amber gold to be produced in facilities that have a more modern capability.


More recent times has seen a general influence of Brewing in Amaerica. Belgium beers are influencing the flovors and the types of beers being produced. As we take the examples of Celis Brews in Austin Texas. Belgium of Fort Collins etc.


Should you ever have the chance to try a Belgium speciality, you should prepare your self for a devine treat. Belgium beers are by far one of my favourites, having spent a good three and a half months indulging in high quality food and washing it down with a few beers along the way. It is not the called the “The Beer Country” for nothing. Delightful in every way.

Consider a look at Belgium beers with this fascinating hard copy book about Belgium Beer.

Or if you are after a new hobby how about trying home brewing your own using a  brew your own beer kit.


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