Beer Pong Tips – how to improve your game

Beer pong Tips to help you improve your game.

Find some beer pong tips that will make a difference to your beer pong game.

Beer Pong tips – The Beer Pong Shot

beer pong tips – Aim for the beer pong cup in the Middle

Unless you are a pro and have a deadly aim, you are best to aim for the cup in the middle of the rack where ever possible. It is a daunting task to try and pinpoint just the one cup, so leave that for the last cup and concentrate on hitting the middle of the cups. Face up to the facts, often the cups you make are not necessary the cup your were aiming for right! You will often find it was the cup next to it you hit. So this is a simple tip really, give yourself the greatest target to aim for. If you are a little off on your aim and the intended cup is missed you have a very good chance of hitting the cups close by.


beer pong tips– Aim for just one cup.

Too often shots are wasted at the beginning of the game, when a full rack of cups in front of us. Haphazard throws can go astray when we are overconfident and it is a big no no to just throw randomly hoping to hit the cups. Concentrate and aim for the middle cup, throughout the whole game. Focus on hitting all your shots and don’t just take random shots. The importance of aim can not be underestimated, leave yourself with the best chance of hitting your shots.


beer pong shots - Beer Pong tips

beer pong tips – Give your shot enough hang time.

When taking your shot make sure to put just the right arc on the ball. You don’t want to shoot too low or your ball shall fall short. It’s like the basketball free throw shot, give your ball the arc that it needs to flow nicely into the sweet spot of the cup. Importantly do not shot straight for the cup, with the all important arc if you miss your intended cup you have all the chance in the world to hit the cups next to it.


beer pong tips – The Bounce Shot – Is it really worth the Risk?

beer pong tips - the bounce shot

Practice makes perfect as they say, the best person to judge your ability is yourself. If you are terrible at bounce shots then simple, do NOT take a bounce shot. If you suck then simple leave the bounce shot out of your shot selection and focus on the shots you are best at. It’s like the three point shot in basketball, it takes practice and some time you are on fire, sometimes you are throwing air balls. Sure it’s worth an extra point but if you don’t make it then its worth less than stepping into the arc and hitting an easy jump shot guaranteed 2 pointer.

Use the same concept in Beer pong, if you are good then go ahead use the bounce, if you suck then don’t. You miss you are wasting your shot and making your team mad.

beer pong tips– When to use the bounce

beer pong tips when not to bounce

Of course the best time to take a bounce shot is at the beginning of the match. Your team has lot’s of cups to aim for and it improves your chances of hitting the cups.

We recommend not to take a bounce shot with Less than four cups in the rack. You are well advised to take a regular shot over a bounce shot.

Use the bounce shot wisely, watch your opponents and if you take the firstĀ  bounce shot and miss, the chances are the second bounce shot will be watched closely, the opposing team will be defending hard and swatting the crap out of any bounce shot thrown their way.

Proceed with caution on your second attempt, third time lucky forget it, it is just not worth it.

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