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hey whats your beer pong team name



Ideas For A Beer Pong Team Name?

The selection of a Beer Pong team name can be a daunting challenge as a bad  name follows you like a lost dog. You may not escape from it for years to come. So be sure to take a name that is both Competitive strong as well as potentially putting  a fun spin on the great beer drinking game.

Team Names for Beer Pong!!!!! Could this just be the toughest decision in your life….

For us, The best Beer pong names is to go about finding  clever beer pong team names. Show some imagination find something trendy. I like the play on a famous and funny concept we see below “2 guys and 10 cups“.

Witty and hilarious beer pong names always goes down well when choosing a name.

beer pong team names for girls the team name  might be “2 girls 10 cups“. A play on the famous 2 girls and a cup – movie clip that we all know leaves a nasty scar in our minds. Just check out you tube for the reactions.

Keep the names feminine and a bit sexy too. After all you are playing with guys and they love seeing you joining in. Guys just love competiive chicks who like a good fun time.

See our top 10 list below.


beer pong team names for guys  While searching or masterminding  a good team names for guys, like we said before the funnier the names the better. Actually, some stereotype or clichéd names can work very well  too. After all, it’s about having fun at the party and your team name can make you famous for all the right reasons if you win the game.

See our top 10 list below.

beer pong team names car ram rod


Beer pong tournament team names should be strong- something with authority, “You have just been Bounced”  a play of you have just been served, might be something cocky yet referenced to the powerful bounce shot in Beer Pong rules. Note we just made this one up, so no idea if its been taken.

Beer pong team names for couples – Now this is going to be interesting. You need to put a tough guy / girl spin on it. What is a strong couple relationship name? Twiddle dee, twiddle dumb. nah just joking now, and guys it would be you who took the dumb name we don’t want attention to ourselves or your gals for that matter. “Pong Love” something just out of thin air. Brainstorm some concepts with your guy/Girl friend.

Make sure to take both your personalities into account,

See our top 10 list below.


Actually we think some of these from the list are hilarious beer pong team names, “To Infinity and BPONG” nerd like yet sophisticated and powerful at the same time.


So doing some research and making your life easier we have put some funny and creative Beer Pong team names together. They may not be unique so don’t go copying or go plagiarising someone else’s name if you can help it.


Tips on Choosing a good Beer pong Name.

So clever names are important, so here our a few choices to get your brain storming about your beer pong team name.


1. Use Puns – You don’t have to be Einstein to realise you are playing with balls, so innuendo plays favourably on your choice of creativity.

“We Got Ichy balls”

“I got my ball sack” – referring to the  “It Takes balls to beer pong”

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Beer Pong team names - Beer Pong Ball Sack MySack Ultra-Suede Regulation

2. TV & Celebrity – Gossip News

Famous at the time was Charlie’s “Winning.”

We got the fashionable geeks at Bing Bang Theory – Sure there is a name in that one.

Take your favourite Tv show, or celebrity quotes.

Come up with a cool Beer pong name.


3. Name yourself a “Diss” – already distracting the other team.

Take a name that is immediately going to insult the opposition.

You can show off a clever name and go about trash-talking  at the same time

“You are the Ass in Whoop Ass”

“If the aim of the game was to miss the cup – you would win”


4. Beer Pong Names that Rhyme

“Long Schlong Beer Pong”

A hit at any party! These shorts with attached Schlong unzip to hold two beer cans. You can’t beat that!

Beer Schlong Shorts A great Beer Pong team Name
Beer Schlong shorts

You got it right just think of something rhyming,



Just use this list as a creative means to better your own team name you might just find that cool beer pong team names are still available.


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moby Dong Beer pong names



beer pong team ideas, random


Daniel Wins!

Here for Beer


Yager Bombers

Beer Pressure


Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Alco Holics

Raging Alcoholics

Gin’ll Fix It

The Alcoholocaust

Scared Shotless

The Plastered Penguins

King Pong

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Bad News Beers

Hot Dogs Cold Beer

2 Guys 10 Cups

Beer Burrrrrp

Here for Beer

Beerack Obama


The Trail of Beers

Re-rack Attack

Let me see that Pong

Designated Drinkers

Beer Pressure

No Fear for Beer

Bad News Beers

Beer Wax

No Pong Intended

Hong Pong

Fear the Beer

The Rim Jobs

Nothin but net

The Rimmers

Team No Rim-Job

Hoof Hearted

Team Boss

Gnip Gnop

Buy Me Toys!

No Fear for Beer

Drink Finger

Team artificiosus! means skillful in latin, but there are other phrases etc. beee safe (:

Team Yeung-a-ling, rhymes with ding-a-ling.

Lager Lizards

The Blutarskys – the perfect way to poke fun at losing

 Viet Pong

Bang Bang wins

Menace to Sobriety!


How about Drunken Dunkers

The Stepdads , because we beat you and you hate us

Along those lines, The Red Headed Stepchildren.

 The Beer View Mirrors

Beer pong team names for blondes

The Thirsty Birds

 Nothing but Nutt

Beer Pong Team Names for Girls

Chicks with Beers

We Bounce 4 Beer

Alco HoliChiks
Shake & Chug
Here 4 Cheers
Ping Pong Beers
Sexy Beer Chuggers
Beer It On

Size Matters

Hot Chicks Cold Beers

Beer Pong Team Names for Guys

Close Shave
Just the tip
Guys & Cups

Beer Chuggers
Bad Breath Beers
2 Big Beer Bellies
Beers & Sweat
Lager Bombers
Drinking for Pleasure
Im gonna put my balls in your beer.
my couch pulls out, but I don’t

Jazzy Ballz
Team Hot Pocket
The Spase Peepole
The STDs (Super Tough Dudes).
2 Guys 4 Balls

Beer Pong Team Names for Couples

Here 4 Beer
Intoxicated Love
Thirsty Playerz
Beer Raiders
Beer-view Window
Trash Talkin’ Drinkers

Drinking Buddies

Plastered Pandas

Dumpster Cups

Everybody Drinks

Over the years, we’ve had well over 1,000 teams and these are the team names that pop up the most.

Top 5 most over used team names (not in order):

1.) Balls Deep or Ballz Deep
2.) Ram Rod
3.) Shake & Bake
4.) Wet Balls or Wet Ballz
5.) TNT





Thanks for sharing your team names, I have added some from you all here.

dwissbrun2 :  used the name “the team to beat

defo: used “on table 3” that always confuses people all throughout the night…when whoever’s running the tourney announces this- “on table 5 is on table 3” or vise versa


Just Click on the Link right here for a comprehensive list of beer pong Names.

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