beer pong table dimensions

Beer Pong Table Dimensions – beer pong table size

Beer pong table dimensions are important, so you are looking for Beer Pong Table Measurements, Beirut Table Dimensions the quick answer is rather How long is a piece of string??


Seriously if you want Beer Pong Table Dimensions and want to play beer pong you can play it on any table. The point is, it’s really easy to get started, but to get the best out out of beer pong, we strongly recommend you play on a BP Table built for Beer Pong.

Like those found on this site, with the most popular beer pong table dimensions which are made of high quality table tops built to resist spills and give a consistent bounce like that on a typical tournament table.

The beer pong table size can be determined by the space you have to play. Some choose a smaller 6ft x 2 ft table. Great for those who are short of space and need the room, or convenience of transportation and storage. This is our recommendation for the smallest table you should consider playing on. Anything smaller you might as well be placing balls rather then throwing balls.

I know what you are saying, you want the Official Beer Pong Table dimensions, why didn’t you say so.

Well again this is a contentious area. It depends on how serious you play the game vs what tournament you are playing in.   Beer Pong Table Dimensions and your beer pong tables size typically will be 8ft x 2ft, the beer pong table length is the overall factor that makes it “official” or not. You will see that most Redcup Pong and Party Pong Tables are 8ft by 2 ft.

Your bp table should fit these typical beer pong table dimensions in a tournament too as the standard size has a lot to do with the promoters product and the standard is 8ft x 2ft

So if you are looking to make a table for your self your beer pong table plans should fit as close to the recognised beer pong table dimensions as possible. Practice makes perfect and if you can simulate game play as close to the tournament table as possible the better.

Official Beer Pong Table – With the regulation beer pong table dimensions

The true test on beer pong table dimensions official like and all, is who promotes hardest and who has their table in the largest tournament. Hands down we give it up to BPONG.

The BPONG range offer the official beer pong table dimensions. We take a sneak peek at the official rules.

Section 3

  • Beer Pong Equipment
  1. Tables are of the dimension : 8 foot ‘ x 2 foot’ x 27.5 inches using  BPONG Tables
  2. Beer pong balls: are using 40 mm 3-Star graded Tournament balls BPONGTM Balls
  3. Beer pong Cups: using BPONGTM 16 oz. cups
    1. Beer pong cup Top width: 3 and 5/8 inches
    2. Heightof the cup : 4 and 5/8 inches
    3. Beer cup Base width: 2 and 1/4 inches.
  4. Beer Pong Racks: BPONG Racks


We have  a winner. BPong has done a good job and have provided top quality tables, balls racks and cups to the official dimensions.

The only thing separating Bpong and the rest is a little tweak on the height. The rest offer a few more inches in height more like 28 or 29 inches there abouts. But who cares about a few inches anyway.?

What do you say girls???


If you are after a table with beer pong table dimensions that are used in official tournaments, then head over to the range at BJs Beer Pong Tables


beer pong table dimensions

beer pong table dimensions




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