beer pong reracks

Beer Pong reracks – The Re-rack

Beer pong reracks are an integral part of the beer pong Beruit game. Here are our Beer Pong Reracks tips.

The “rack” in beer pong is the reference  to the formation which the cups are siting in the game of beer pong. You will be suprised to know that the are a great deal of formations in beer pong reracks. You should Choose wisely, as having the wrong  beer pong rerack formation will have the potential to send your team a whole lot closer to the loser section.


Call  beer pong reracks after 5 cups left or less.

So the beer pong techniques that  we recommend for beer pong re-racks is a smart guide and good commonsense. If you are playing a ten cup beer pong game the house rules usually would imply just the one beer pong re-rack. Or you might have 2 or three beer pong re-racks, it just depends on the rules you are playing. We suggest only call a beer pong rerack when there is no more than 5 cups left on the table. You are advised to consider the aiming aspect of the game so you want to shoot for cups that are in the middle of plenty of cups. The diamond and diamond and 1 would be suitable options. The straight line re-rack is far too complicated and especially after a few drinks your focus needs to be fully clear to be hitting straight line stuff. Stick to the basics.

The Beer pong reracks video from youtube.


beer pong reracks funny


Roll Backs in Beer Pong

Concentrate on the Rollback shots.

A great part of the game, your team has just been granted a free life so to say. Roll backs are all about concentration, relax and take the shots with a sense of importance, do not be lulled into a false sense of security when making that first shot.


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