Beer Pong Racks

NICE Cups, now show us your Beer Pong RACK

Establishing clean rack formation is just one of the essentials of Beer Pong etiquette, these Racks will make the game all the more easier. Ice up your Beer Pong Rack for crisp cool beer, or go play beer pong on your inflatable set and it comes as a handy drinks holder too if you are taking a break from the game. Spin up your game with the rotating beer pong rack, gimicky as heck but still worth the laugh.

BPONG Ice Rack Frozen Beer Pong Rack Set

Keep your drinks Ice cold with this Professional Ice Rack from BPONG it contains 2 racks for both teams. Features:

  • Rack set
  • Perfect for hot days and hot parties
  • Simply Fill the water in the rack and freeze it to keep the beer chilled through many games of beer pong
  • Cups are not included
  • Dimensions: 3″ H x 6″ W x 6″ D


N-Ice Rack Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set, Includes 2-Racks, 3-Balls and Rules



  • Freezable beer pong rack set
  • Made of high quality impact resistant plastic
  • Each set includes: Two racks, three balls and the essential beer pong rules
  • This great rack system also keep your cups from sliding or spilling
  • Most importantly it keeps your beer cold for hours
  • Its a must have for parties, tailgates, tournaments or home games
  • Retail packaged – so makes it a great gift for your happy friends.

also available through AMAZON

P and P Imports Floating Beer Pong Raft Set



  • Floating beer pong raft set
  • Each pack includes: Two rafts, three balls and the essential beer pong rules
  • This is the most affordable floating beer pong game on the market
  • You can use them as floating drink holders when game action has paused.
  • The must have for hot summer days in the pool
  • Totally awesome gift idea

also available through AMAZON

Spinning Beer Pong, Beerpong with a Spin

So we got this cool but very gimmicky Spinning Beer pong Rack, If you got a buddy who has everything then this could be the ideal gift. I am going to say that the physics mixed with beer, it going to end up messy.


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