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BEER PONG FAQ – Where is your Checkout how can I buy from

At this stage does not have access to a payment facility, rather we have provided you with convient links to our trusted partners who offer secure payment services, superior delivery and warranty’s for the products you purchase. We in some instances receive a small commission from our partners as part of our service to you and for helping promote the beer pong game on a unique forum.


BEER PONG FAQ – Is this the best price I can get?

Whilst can not guarantee the absolute lowest price on every single item, we have made every effort to provide you with the necessary tools to compare prices and we direct you straight to the sites with the best price where possible. This is often straight to the site who manufacturers or imports.

If you have a beer pong table you want to buy and want to find the best deal let us know and we can find you the best deal from our trusted partners. CONTACT US

BEER PONG FAQ – Do you offer Bulk Buys?

Yes we do, we have direct connection to the best quality most affordable beer pong table partners and have been able to negotiate a number of bulk buys discounts for our customers.

Just contact us for your needs and we shall do the work for you.


BEER PONG FAQ – Who do you recommend for buying beer pong tables and accessories?

We are not biased to any particular partner, however our favourite beer pong table suppliers are in this order:

1. BJs Beer Pong Tables. Is our newest partner with the best line up of cool table designs on the market. So many to choose from and they offer custom designs also.

Offering 3 different type tables

Pro is the flagship table, it is designed to tournament specifications for serious players. With some seriously awesome exclusive designs you will notice the difference on the Pro table surface. There is just the one fold on these tables to ensure the best game surface.

Compact the table range that is built for portability. This table choice is ideal for those limited with space, easy to transport while allowing the table to be folded down into a suitcase like unit. This table is designed for moderate use If you are seeking something more durable then head to the commercial size.

Commercial is quality product unique to BJ’s. It is built to the highest specifications for commercial use. Ideal for recreation centres,  and it’s made for multiple team play in Clubs and pubs. Designed for larger group settings and built to last longer than some players.


2. PartyPongTables  Through Wayfair. I do NOT recommend buying through their site directly as they have been less than professional lately so the stock at wayfair is guaranteed delivery stay away from their customized tables. Stay with BJs.


3. Redcup pong through Amazon offers some totally awesome designs in 6ft and 8ft tables plus a great selection of Party Products.

Some of the items for sale at redcup pong.

  •  Beer Pong Tables – 8ft
  • Beer Pong Tables – 6ft


4. Beer pong at Amazon Offers plenty of Beer Pong gear and tables.  Prices definitely vary from day to day so it can be difficult to determine if they offer the best best price always. However they are by far the best priced site for posters and beer pong costumes. If you want to shop around do take a look at Amazon too.

5. SKIPS BEER PONG STORE through Amazon – offering tailgating gear and some officially licensed NFL, NCAA tables that can not be bought just anywhere.

6. Wayfair is a massive site full of plenty of beer pong gear. They have so many products for sale on one site, They say a zillion products.

They do offer products that may not be found else where  although they may not offer the best price in town all the time.

7. Beer Pong has some different tables and the Neon Light beer pong table for sale.

They do offer some totally cool products also however I think you can find a better deal on some of the beer pong gear.


I think that has pretty well covered the best beer pong suppliers in the market.



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