beer costumes for women

Girls beer costumes, and costume tips for Halloween


Girls you should look your best during fancy dress parties, oktober fest and halloween, we have put together a cool little store full of beer costumes and halloween costume ideas.

This Store is through Amazon so be confident that your purchase is in good hands.

Bavarian beer girls costumes are very attractive, trust us we have had the opportunity to experience some good old beer drinking down in Bavaria Germany. The dirndl as it is known as in Germany is the traditional dress of the villagers and towns folks and on special occasions the ladies of the town bring out their dresses. It is a trully great sight. So that makes one choice – bavarian costume female that you will find plenty to choose from in our store.

beer girl halloween costumes come dressed as a beer girl and experience the delight of the crowd. Nothing brings a smile to the eye more then beer. So be prepared for some pleasant times with these great choices.

beer pong girl costume we wouldnt be a beer pong store without Beer pong costumes. There is one hot little number in red that is a nice costume. Bring it out during a tournament you are sure to wow the crowd

cheap beer girl costumes – Yeah some of these little numbers are damn cheap, we make a commision on every sale, and when they are giving them away we don’t make a cent.  But what’s money got to do with it when you can be looking great for less then a pair of second hand jeans. Look through the store and find the best price. it’s our way of saying thanks for visiting our site.

Super Beer Girl Costume. Adult Beer Girl Costume It’s a classic and brings lots of attention particularly amongst the opposite sex, Men so easy to please.

beer girl costume

beer girl buy it from our Amazon store

st pauli girl costume

Yeah got them too, just match your look with the lovely benchmark below

st pauli girl

beer wench costume

Lovely beer wench costumes a plenty, so many to choose from.

Apologies for some dodgey pics in the store. just click on the pic and check out for a better pic.


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