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The Original Beer Box Hats – anything else is a fake.

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It is a whole lot easier to head to a party, or out somewhere where you would like to get the conversation started. What a conversational starter you are wearing one of your very own beer box hats.  You rock up to a place not knowing too many folk, left standing around like a fool. You just do not have the courage to head to the pretty girl or handsome guy and strike up a conversation.

So you might be someone a little shy or even the complete opposite you love to be the life of the PARTY. Then one of our Beer Box hats is going to get you looking and feeling all the more Confident. The beer box cowboy hats is what we like to consider a perfect accessory. You can buy one and wear it for yourself. Or the perfect gift to one of your friends or relatives, who enjoys a great hat and beer.

If you are one who loves a party, really enjoys having something unique to wear, or you love your beer. You can then show your style and the preferred beer brewer of your liking to where ever you want to go.

Beer Box hats – So what are they?

You may not know exactly what a beer box cowboy hat is. Let us get you up to speed on this fantastic cowboy hat. Beer case hats are those that have been officially licensed from the beer companies and are manufactured from beer cartons. Yes these are hats are made from everyday beer box cartons shipped from the brewery. Manufactured using quality USA made craftsmanship.

beer box hats

Beer Box hats are in every way a cowboy hat, as they are manufactured with quality machine stitching as a normal cowboy hat, they are adjustable to fit your head.

One size fits all

With an elastic band integrated into the hat you are able to comfortably wear the beer box hat without a problem.

These Beer cartons hats are very durable and long lasting with a water resistant coating on the carton to ensure your treasured cowboy hat is not damaged in the first spot of rain.

You are certainly going to make a positive statement while you wear your cowboy hat.

beer box hats

Beer Box hats – They come in different styles.

The official and the best beer box hats come in a number of beer labels. Working with Coors Brewing Company, , The Pabst Family of Breweries, Miller Brewing Company, and Molson Canada. So there are a few brands to choose from .

So in the line up you then have

  • Old Milwaukee Light
  • Miller Genuine Draft 64
  • Coors Light
  • Keystone Light
  • Miller Lite
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Miller High Life
  • Miller High Life Light
  • Milwaukee’s Best
  • Milwaukee’s Best Light
  • Coors Banquet
  • Old Milwaukee
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Rainier
  • Lone Star
  • Canadian
  • Canadian Light
  • Molson Ice
  • OV
  • Pilsner
  • Extra Old Stock
  • Molson Dry
  • Milwaukee’s Best Ice

Not only can you buy different brands of beer hats you can buy different styles

  • Box Top Beer hats
  • Cowboy Style Beer Hats
  • Top Hats

beer case hats

With so many to choose from you are sure to be able to find one or a few from the available beer carton hats. If it is for yourself or as a truly unique gift for someone special or for someone who has everything.

Avoid being the nerd and be sure to the cool party goer with someone sure to get noticed for all the right reasons.

With one of our quality beer box hats you are sure to get the party started and be the first to strike up a great conversation what ever scene.

Even if you do not drink, you sure can enjoy the concept and appreciate the quality craftsmanship. These beer carton

The perfect gift

If you know a beer lover, or a cowboy hat enthusiast, then these beer carton hats are the ultimate in gift ideas.

With a selection of beer brands and styles, you are sure to find that something for your intended gift receiver.

We love them and so will they.


Where to Buy Beer box hats?

We shop at Wear your Beer they offer Free shipping on the beer box hats making them the best price on the market.

If you can’t find the Beer cowboy hat you are looking for from this lot. Try out here for Beer carton hats available for purchase.

Box Top Beer hats – Check them out.


 Cowboy Style Beer Hats

Top Hats



Coors Light Beer Hats Top Hat - FREE SHIPPING $39.95

Coors Light Beer Hats Top Hat – FREE SHIPPING $39.95


Coors Gold Beer Hats Top Hat - FREE SHIPPING $39.95

Coors Gold Beer Hats Top Hat – FREE SHIPPING $39.95



Watch about the company that came up with the idea of making beer box hats

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beer carton ladies

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