Basic Beer Pong Rules – How To Play BEER PONG

BASIC BEER PONG RULES – How to play beer pong

Are looking to Play Beer Pong and want some Basic Beer pong Rules?  This is for those of you who dont know Beer Pong rules  or Beirut the alternative name to Beer Pong. We have established a backgorund to the basic beer pong rules of what some consider one of the greatest beer games. promotes responsible drinking.

Not all games need to be played under the influence of alcohol. If you are playing whilst drinking remember your limits and stop when ever you need to. Introduce water cups to ensure you are maintaining some level of hydration.

Or if you want the family to play just drop the alcohol altogether.

basic beer pong rules  - Beer pong house rules

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Note the basic rules of beerpong are your own beer pong house rules

There are many adaptions to this legendary U.S. game, rules to beer pong vary and if you have more house rules you want to share just add them to the comments below or contact us and we can consider adding them here.

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Just be sure to establish Rules that are agreed upon and the beginning of the game. Introduce alternatives as you see fit just agree on all rule changes, no fights or fists should be part of this competitive game.

The Basics: basic beer pong rules

  1. The game of Beer pong is played beetween 2 teams of 2 to 4 players that take a position at opposing ends of a beer pong table. Each team has  six cups, or typically ten cups (more cups will mean longer game play). The beer Pong cups are organized in a triangular configuration in front of them. The cups will have each players choice of drink poured in ranging from the standard beer, or something a little stronger. Or for a family friendly version consider something softer, of course for family friendly games it could be good to spice up the game with say a chilly thrown in, whilst it may not make you drunk the punishment is severe.
  2. A toss of a coin usually determines the starting team. The team will decide which player to begin.
  3. So we have the game started, The aim of the game is to take turns to  throw the  beer pong ball or as some say your ping pong ball into the opposing teams cups. If the beer pong ball lands in the opposing teams cup the player determined to go first must drink the substance of that particular cup, we shall assume it’s beer. Once consumed this cup is no longer in play and is placed aside.
  4. The game continues as each player takes their turn to throw the ball with the aim to get the ping pong ball into the opponents cups. It is then your fellow team members turn, she or he  will have their turn until all of your team are completed their turn. Your oponents team shall do the same until all of the cups have been consumed?removed from one side of the table. It is the first team to have their competitors cups removed that wins.

Healthy Alternative. – HEALTH WARNING 

In  2009, news sources claimed a  study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had reported that beer pong was contributing to the spread of herpes, mononucleosis, and other diseases through shared cups.

CDC was quick to dispell the research had even taken place, it was fabricated news. However the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) does suggest avoiding the sharing of eating and drinking utensils to prevent the transmission of certain contagious viruses such as herpes, In other words consider using your own cup to drink from.

If you don’t’ want contaminated balls landing in your beer, consider the hygiene alternative. Fill the in play cups with water, and when a shot is hit and the cup taken off the table,  in your own cup, pour yourself the designated fill amount and drink up.

Saves you sharing cups and you keep unwanted cat hair fur balls landing in your mouth.

Beer Pong Rules are just part of the fun and we hope these basic rules will enable you to get your game started.

 Looking for More Detailed RULES check it out.

Watch this funny video of some Aussies trying to explain beer pong rules.


  1. official beer pong rules. if you call someones elbow is over the table the cup doesn’t count! fact.

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