MegaBeerPong.com is all about providing a Mega resource full of top quality beer pong products and accessories. While giving you the opportunity to participate and to support a fantastic game, whilst helping to promote the ultimate beer drinking game with all the world.

Of course Beer Pong can be incorporated as a fun family game without the consumption of alcohol. Lame as it sounds these kids could grow up to be the world champions of the future, so don’t underestimate the early childhood training sessions.

While Beerpong or Beruit may have originated in the USA college Frat houses based on the original table tennis game with beer cups as targets. BeerPong was later adapted to allow for throwing ping pong balls into cups, there has been a very strong market for high quality beer pong products. Not to be outdone by the next guy we are here to offer a full range of top line products to make it easier to purchase the good stuff.

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MegaBeerPong.com will evolve as time goes on and we have some very exciting ventures planned in the future, which we believe will increase the popularity of this fantastic game. We hope to provide plenty of cool competitions and chances to win great Beer pong merchandise.

Of course we do need to promote the need for responsible drinking practices.

Our philosophy is that Beer Pong is a game to win, not for irresponsible consumption of alcohol.  We want all our players and supporters to have fun and not get too messed up. It can lead to very sore heads the next day.


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